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Klobbe! is an infinite runner game, the first game from Brobotic Studios. In Klobbe!, you play as the ambitious tank Klobbe and help them on their journey to become a cloud. Starting in Klobbe's factory and exploring seven progressively more difficult levels, all animated with lovely, storybook illustrations by Kate Triantafelow, Klobbe! is a simple and enjoyable game about following your dreams and also there are bears.


W: Jump

D: Shoot

S: Duck

S -> W: Super Jump!

S -> D: Super Shoot!

R: Quick restart after losing

Space: Pause

Known Issues

  • Hey! Some of these assets are white squares!
    • Ah, you've angered the secret snow wizard that affects random assets and turns them completely white. The only way to conquer that wily wizard is to close the game and restart it a few times, the assets should fix themselves. If that doesn't work, contact us and we'll send you a GIF of the snow wizard apologizing for being a jerk. We're working on a way to banish the snow wizard permanently.
  • Hey! How come Klobbe is floating/how come Klobbe is stuck in a jump animation/how come Klobbe wants to be a... cloud?
    • That is an excellent and well-asked question.
  • Hey! Klobbe is a little slow to react to my commands, how come that?
    • Klobbe is an old tank that wants to be a cloud, so they're a little slow. Gotta tell them what to do quickly!
  • Hey! Klobbe died when I pressed the X key?
    • Well, don't do that.


Brobotic Studios

Programmed by Matthew Mohr (@mathyoumore)

Illustrated by Kate Triantafelow (@KateTelo, https://www.facebook.com/KateTelo/)


"Carpe Diem"

"Danger Storm"


"The Curtain Rises"

"On My Way"

"Quirky Dog"


"The Builder"

"The Show Must Be Go"

All by Kevin Macleod

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0




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